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Zoom CEO and founder Eric S. In other words, if you haven’t heard of Zoom yet, you probably will soon. Business Insider sat down with Zoom CEO Eric S. 2 billion acquisition of the company in 2007. By 2011, Yuan says, he was getting frustrated in the job: Cisco was focused heavily on selling expensive, complex teleconferencing hardware, and acting too slowly to reconfigure the underlying systems behind its meeting software to meet the new demands created by the rise of smartphones and tablets in the workplace. That’s what the customer needs, it’s what the industry needs,” Yuan says.

Yuan’s thought was that if Cisco wants to go after huge enterprise contracts and sell them complex solutions to their videoconferencing problems, then Zoom could go after the largely-ignored market for smaller companies. For the IT department, Zoom boasts a simple per-user purchase option, as well as fine-tuned security controls. And for users, Yuan says that his team designed Zoom to be easy to use on desktop, mobile, and even whiteboards. Connecting with coworkers and colleagues is just a few clicks away, Yuan says. So far, Yuan says, most of Zoom’s success has come through word-of-mouthwhich, incidentally, is how Sequoia found Zoom for its most recent round of funding, Yuan says. We don’t spend a lot of money to sell the product,” Yuan says.

100 million cash infusion, says Yuan, is to change that a little bit with some new spending on marketing. Zoom also plans on opening more international offices, even as it continues to work on its main product. Still, Yuan says, he’s wary of following the usual Silicon Valley script for successful startups: He’s very aware of how much cash the company is burning, and would rather focus on the fundamentals of the company rather than building hype for hype’s sake. He’d rather run a company that grows slowly over a long term, rather one that burns out young. That valuation did not help with anything. This is what it sounds like. The site contains sexually explicit material.