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TPG Internet Pty Ltd, Sydney 2018. The first CBD buildings being connected to Ten Gigabit Adelaide have been announced today. So far 40 buildings are in the process of being offered services, with an youtube superchat 160 buildings being finalised shortly. The network will be progressively rolled out to 1,000 buildings within the next two years.

Ten Gigabit Adelaide is designed for businesses and corporate big data users located in the Adelaide CBD, giving city-based businesses a distinct competitive advantage. It will enable businesses to send high volumes of data, quickly and securely, between their offices, business partners and clients around the world. Importantly, while Ten Gigabit Adelaide is designed for big data users, it is available at a price that makes it accessible to all businesses in the City of Adelaide. Australian telecommunications giant TPG Telecom was recently appointed as Official Network Partner to deliver and install the new fibre optic network, provide 10Gbps uncontested and synchronous data transfer capability and a range of high-performance services tailored for each individual user.

Standing outside 27 Currie Street, home to the Australian Institute of Business – the first Ten Gigabit Adelaide-connected building – Lord Mayor Martin Haese said it was an exciting day for the city. We have been inundated by registrations from businesses wanting to plug into Ten Gigabit Adelaide and, from today, businesses are being connected and will immediately reap the benefits,” he said. It will not only ensure local businesses have access to 21st century big data and communications enabling services, it will also attract new investment and business from interstate and overseas, furthering our reputation as a connected, smart, entrepreneurial and intelligent city. Ten Gigabit Adelaide is all about helping Adelaide retain, grow and attract new businesses, creating jobs, driving innovation and delivering economic and social returns for our city. The Australian Institute of Business is just one example of the type of organisations and industry sectors that will benefit from this transformational new fibre network.