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Actually, I think that incident was with Frank Casio and he was coming from the metro station to Mayorista not Poblado. That being said, Medellin is dangerous. I am not a belligerent person yet on three separate occasions I have had disagreements with overly aggressive Colombian guys who think they can paw my date. Any one of those could have gone south real quick if guns were involved. Enter your username and password in the boxes provided to login, or click the ‘register’ button to create a profile for yourself. Click here for Live Sex Now! Are you sure you want to mark all forums as being read?

Amigos any have experience with this prepagos. The only one I know is the second one from the left. And she worked at the mansion years ago. Hot body but she has some miles on her.

Never did her but I have been out with her on the town in a group many times. She has a pleasant personally. And she literally knows every conceivable night spot you could possible want to go to. So if you like to party on the town she would be an asset. Also she can introduce you to tons of other women. If threesomes are your thing she is bi and can bring friends. I was wondering if anybody has any insight as to whether mid-to-late April is a good time to visit.

Everything was the same as any other time of the year I have visited. There were plenty of beautiful young ladies available. I’ll be going in the first half of April this year. It seems as if flights are cheap and accommodations are readily available and I’m wondering if that’s because it’s not a great time to visit?

I’ve never felt in danger walking in El Centro at reasonable hours. And with my senses heightened and aware to my surroundings. I also speak very limited Spanish. But am an experienced traveler and exercise situational awareness when a foreigner. I’ve felt more danger in many US cities in the wrong areas than I have walking around Medellin. But that doesn’t mean I’m not always on guard, scanning my surroundings for any red flags, and am cautious when in an unfamiliar city halfway across the globe from my home. And never felt the need to be dropped of blocks away from my destination.

But then again, I’m not engaged in any illegal activity. So I don’t feel a need to be paranoid. You can still have an amazing experience with limited spanish proficiency. I’ll give it a try. Hopefully more of you will get onboard with using Uber there. It is a great resource and tool for our hobby and we should support them so that they continue to thrive here and improve their service offerings. After using Uber its kinda hard going back to the regular yellow taxis, lol.