Worst cities for single women

Los Angeles is still the most congested city in the Worst cities for single women. Vancouver in second and San Fransisco jumping up from sixth to third between 2012 and 2013.

Los Angeles is the most congested city in the U. Sitting in traffic is not only a nuisance, it raises stress levels, causes us to breathe in harmful smog and makes us late for work. And, according to a new survey, the problem is only getting worse with almost every one of America’s most clogged cities having more traffic in 2013 compared with 2012. It is perhaps no surprise to find that Los Angeles is still the most congested city in the U.

For every hour travelled during rush hour, a whopping 39 minutes will be spent in traffic. That means commuters who travel half an hour to work every day will spend 90 hours, almost four whole days, stuck in a jam every year. Just how much is your city worth? Kansas City has the fewest traffic delays in America, with just 12 minutes of every rush hour spend sitting in delays. Drivers commuting half an hour every day will spend 38 hours every year in a jam, compared with 90 hours in LA, the worst city. According to the poll, Friday morning and Monday evening are the best days to drive in the city, while motorists should avoid Tuesday morning and Thursday evening, as they have the worst traffic. San Fransisco is up to number three in the table, with journey times in peak hours getting seven per cent longer than last year, with 34 minutes out of every hour spent in queues.

Of the top ten worst cities for traffic, eight of them had longer queues in 2013 compared with 2012, with two of them not featuring in the previous survey. Out of the top 20, only three saw time spent in jams reduced, with citizens of Miami, Tampa and Houston able to catch a few more minutes in bed before their journey to work. Honolulu, Hawaii, is a new entry into the table at number four, having not featured last year. The best city to drive in the U. Kansas City, with just 12 minutes out of every hour spent sitting in traffic in the mornings and evenings, with Indianapolis coming a close second. Overall Friday mornings were the best day for travelling into work, with many commuters deciding to work from home instead of jumping in the car, while Monday evenings were the best for coming home again.