Wife had affair

Infamous love rat Ryan Giggs has apologised to his brother for the eight-year affair he had with his wife Natasha. Wife had affair apology came nearly four years after bedding her for the last time. Ryan, 41, phoned Rhodri, 38, and the two brothers are now reconciling in an attempt to rebuild their relationship.

Id”:”3988719212001″,”descr”:”Manchester United star Ryan Giggs’ brother, Rhodri, 37, spoke out for the first time about the affair that destroyed his marriage and rocked the world of football. Ryan rang Rhodri out of the blue a few weeks ago. Rhodri moved on a long time ago but was adamant Ryan had to make the first move as he was the one who had done wrong. On Easter Sunday the two brothers were spotted out together with friends at the Neighbourhood bar in Manchester. A clubber said: ‘They were sitting in the VIP area and looked like they were enjoying each other’s company again.

The affair was first revealed in June 2011 when Rhodri’s wife Natasha admitted an eight-year affair with the former star winger. Natasha also said she had aborted Ryan’s baby just weeks before she got married to Rhodri in Las Vegas. She decided to go public in 2011 after Ryan Giggs’ controversial attempt to place a gagging order on Big Brother star Imogen Thomas after their six-month affair ended. Natasha and Ryan meet in a Manchester nightclub. Natasha begins dating Ryan’s brother Rhodri. Natasha and Rhodri marry and Ryan starts his six-month affair with Imogen Thomas. Ryan and Natasha sleep together for the final time.