Why successeful people are single

Look upon this meme, ye capitalists, and weep. Here is a ranking of all countries by how capitalist they are as of 2011. Why successeful people are single are the starving people generally located? 20th century, we had mass famine and forced starvation.

I endorse, people would all love each other, share, and care! Socialism with perfect, morally flawless people who always do the right thing is better than capitalism with real people, who are imperfect, morally flawed, and often act badly. Therefore, socialism is better than capitalism. The problem is that this argument leaves open whether capitalism with perfect, morally flawless people is better than, on par with, or worse than socialism with perfect, morally flawless people. It also leaves open whether capitalism with realistic people is better than socialism with realistic people. And I don’t see it even as debatable at this point that realistic capitalism, for all its flaws, is superior to realistic socialism.

However, that’s a testable empirical claim. People like Herbert Gintis and Joseph Henrich, among others, have tested it, and it turns out to be the opposite of the truth. For example, PDRK is very anti-western which means western made produce probably doesn’t go past quarantine. And America, sees that kind of government as evil, when Canada sees it as good, as all citizens have access to the legal system with freedoms of healthcare, education and childcare paid by the state. Hey dipshit, empty warehouses in a socialist state are caused by capitalists im socialist clothing !