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Wales and by schoolmasters in Scotland – I was of the opinion that these early census records had been destroyed but apparently some copies have survived in Parish Records. Has anyone ever come across these westwood chat census or is there some kind of magical list somewhere of the surviving records ? It is completely free to use. Start your genealogy search now.

They may show ages e. The censuses that do survive from this time can usually be found in the county record office. I have a couple of East London ones. They only contain the head of household, the address, and numbers in the household. Not a great deal of use really.

Census information Crown Copyright, from www. I see from your interests that you have families in Devon. If you look at the Genuki Devon website, and census information, you’ll see quite a lot of places that have pre-1841 censuses. Some of them are quite informative – names, occupations etc. I also have Devon interests and have found them very helpful, especially the Dunsford one.