Websites for long distance relationships

Long distance relationships are tough, because you rarely get to see the other person. Even with the help of Skype and cell phones, it can be difficult to sustain a healthy websites for long distance relationships. You start to notice that he doesn’t reply to your text messages, calls and e-mails.

It seems like he can’t even be bothered to contact you. When he does talk to you, the conversation is short and lacks quality. This change usually means your boyfriend is losing interest in the relationship. I cant tell if my boyfriend is cheating or not someone please help! Nadom – I’ve had exactly the same problem with the same story except we’ve been together for 3 years rather than 4. Will I go with the no contact with him or I will send him messages and explain my side which I did already.

Hi, I am new on this site. I have a boyfriend for 3 months, it was an LDR, we met twice and have a 2 day vacation on our 2nd meeting. Nadom Sometimes you just have to put your foot down and stick to your decision. I have been in a long distance relationship for the past four years, things have been going on pretty well at the beginning with constant communication be it through phone calls or skype.

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