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What Fruits are in Season? Carob: Not Quite Chocolate, But Still Good! Go Nuts for Goodness Sake! Are You Using Real Cinnamon?

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Enter the terms you wish to search for. This martial art has traditionally been dominated by South Americans, but vegan David Meyer of the USA has won World Championship Gold twice. He’s also won a Gold in the American Cup twice and in the American National Championships – and Pan Am Games. David continued to compete at the top level into his 50s.

David also started a pet rescue website which helps 1500 animal shelters across North America find homes for animals. My motivation is entirely to not harm animals. I have experienced that it’s an extremely healthy way to eat, it gives me more energy, it’s better for the environment. I’m morally committed to not harming animals. In 2005 Mac won the King Of The Cage Lightweight Championship which he successfully defended four times, and has also won The Ultimate Fighter 6 competition. Scott Jurek has excelled in the demanding world of extreme distance running, winning numerous races, setting course records proving the value of a purely vegan diet. He won the Hardrock 100 mile race 7 consecutive times, set numerous course records and has the American 24 hour distance record.

He is described as the greatest ultramarathoner of modern times. Multiple world records and Gold medals mean that Heather Mills is one of the leading winter sports competitors in the world. The amputee has also assited in the availability of prosthetic limbs and owns a vegan foods brand including restaurants. Austin Aries is a World Champion wrestler who is one of five wrestlers to win the Triple Crown. He has rised to the top in Tag and Singles wrestling, and has been vegan since 2011 and vegetarian for 11 years before this.