Tumblr chat

Anyone who tumblr chat feeling down, lonely, has suicidal thoughts, or just needs to talk are invited here to join others of like mind! Create a chatroom with many options, such as user permissions, password control and customized messages. We look forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to discuss issues such as friends or family, depression, health, and other things. This is not a pro-suicide nor pro-self harm chat. If you have an issue you would like to discuss please don’t be shy to bring it up in the chat even if there is other discussion occurring. We’re here to support each other.

Bookmark this page so you can find it again later! Share the link with others on facebook, tumblr, twitter, and elsewhere! You enter the room at your own risk. If you communicate with people you don’t know, be aware that they may be dishonest. Notice that identities are unreliable. IP address is logged and can be used to identify you in case of misconduct. What do I get with a Premium Room?

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