Trivia chat

Please forward this error screen to 92. Chat trivia is a fun online game where you play trivia against other players in a chat room! Then everyone trys trivia chat type in the answer as fast as they can! Whoever gets it first wins a point.

I used to run a BBS with “Thursday Night Trivia” in the chat room. Scoring: your score is the number of questions you get right X the total number of players in the game. 3 questions right, your score is 15. If you’re playing ALONE, you get 1 point per question. Its easy to create a new account below. But I wasn’t able to get enough interest in that. I’m very interested in any suggestions you may have to improve the game, or the chatting experience.

Would you be interested in being the moderator of a trivia game? He or she may have a specific trivia category in mind, or it may be just general triva. But in moderated games, the moderator controls the questions. If you see this message you do not have a Java enabled browser.