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It’s like one of those little clown cars, but for your top dating podcasts. Tristan and Luke sit down with executive producer of the Far Cry series and creative director of Far Cry 5, Dan Hay, to discuss Rambo, James Bond games, Marvin Gaye, a whole lot of Far Cry 5, and the impending end of the world. Nintendo Voice Chat : Super Smash Bros for Switch Could Be Much Bigger Than We Think – Nintendo Voice Chat Ep.

This week, the panel gets together to discuss the latest Smash Bros rumors, Kirby Star Allies on Switch, six little things you may not know about Nintendo Labo, the possibility of Fortnite on Switch, and more! Krupa, Skrebels and Cardy discuss our unexpected new lunchtime obsession, the beguiling weirdness of Annihilation, the weirdly beguiling Love, and a discussion of the words in a Swedish folk song. And forget Keyword Countdown, because this week you’ve got ‘Bottom or Wrestler’ to enjoy. It’s more innocent than it sounds. Rumors of Splinter Cell’s return in 2018 have our Xbox crew’s hearts aflutter. We discuss what we’d want to see in a potential new game.

Plus: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 runs from Red Dead Redemption 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s teaser campaign gets spoiledby Square Enix themselves, Microsoft announces their E3 plans, movie reviews for both Tomb Raider and Ready Player One, and much more! SEGA Genesis, Luigi’s Mansion, and more. 535 — What Big Game Will Get Remastered Next? This week, the Beyond crew gets together this week to talk about Ni no Kuni 2, Valve shipping games again, and what game Bluepoint could be working on! Gav go absolutely mad on Dark Souls Amiibo, Rory’s Smash Bros.