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Getting blocked on Tinder after the first line? Autumn Winter 2018 trends for tinder gay dating: All the most important shows, most fashionable colours and biggest trends for men you need to know for Autumn Winter 2018. Exercise: do I really need to do any? We are always told we need to exercise, but really do we?

This week, the GQ Doctor reveals what happens to our bodies when we do. Our writer plots out the film and soundtrack. Tinder’s main aim, finding love and sex, here are some top tips for kickstarting a fruitful conversation without getting blocked, or worse, ghosted. Tinder Shrink: should men state their height in their Tinder bio? You need to trawl through your photographic repertoire until you find a photo with the best lighting, the best angles, the best side. You need to edit the shit out of it.

The same goes for the bio. Everyone knows it’s one big, edited, selective lie, but in a world of fake news, this is fine. Tinder Shrink: Why are women on Tinder so rude? Your bio should be short and sweet.

No one wants to read a personal statement so detailed you could file it off to UCAS. You want to be the kind of guy who whizzes off two funny, charismatic sentences about himself whilst walking from the gym to their car. Obviously, we don’t mean you should actually only spend two minutes writing it. By all means do spend an entire Thursday evening in bed writing the damn thing, just don’t make it look like you did.

Your name, age and distance are already listed, and that’s all you need. Any bio that states your job, height, university, address and siblings is an immediate turn off. Your date wants to get to know you at their leisure, rather than study a comprehensive background check. That means no chat-up lines, no jokes so wet you could wring them like a sponge, and no navel gazing puns. Don’t try and be cute.