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The four simple things that will make a woman think of you as “sex worthy”. Very few other guys do them, yet they’re by far the easiest way to make her want to have sex with you. Seven the things that no other guy knows to activate her obsession story. None of them require looks or money. I will give you the dating playbook you need to activate the obsession story, and I’ll even tell you what to talk about on your dates with her. Just don’t be surprised when she shows up at your house unannounced with a “special surprise” for you.

Because the obsession story is REAL, and you can use it to get a girlfriend, lightening-fast. 197 in the Members Community. Picture how she would cook for you, take care of you, and yes call you to let you know how horny she was. 197, like everyone else before you. That’s how much I believe in YOU, and in the course can can do for you. Just make sure the “Yes!

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