Techno dating

Dan have been jamming in the studio, producing musical techno dating that hold their signature sound. Like me and if I find you good looking, we can have a chat! We are happy to present the 33rd edition of our podcast series.

Mixed and compiled by The Willers Brothers, the latest addition to our W-Agency roster. Das Watergate wird 2017 stolze 15 Jahre alt und das angeschlossene Plattenlabel lässt sich zu diesem Anlass nicht lumpen und veröffentlicht am 6. Es gibt neues Merchandise im Shop! EWax ist ein jungen Berliner Vinyl-Only-Label, das die Szene hierzulande gerade supergut von hinten aufrollt. Watergate returns to Luzern’s No. 1 nightclub ROK with Matthias Meyer, Hyenah and Jimi Jules.

In the latest individual Black Mirror season 4 trailer spotlights “Hang the DJ,” which focuses on a dating app that gives you your perfect match. Yes, it’s trying to make you look guiltily at your Tinder app. The episode spotlights dating apps gone wrong, with one ubiquitous app, Spiro Date, pairing people on blind dates for a limited number of hours. Black Mirror reflecting our 21st Century existence back at us. 4 has been set yet by Netflix.