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Please forward this error screen to 212. So does Cameron Dallas have status dating girlfriend?

A breakdown of who he’s dated, his ex-bae, his future wife and what the current status of his love life is. Ultimately, it seems like everyone just wants to know who is Cameron dating? Netflix series, pretty much any time he’s seen hanging out with a girl, everyone wants to know if he’s dating her. It’s most likely because Cam’s fans think he would make a great boyfriend and it’s about time he has some love in his life! Plus, he often sends out a tweet to his 13 million followers about his desire for a relationship that no doubt stirs up the drama every now and then. Well, it seems like he might’ve just found the one after all. Or so he wanted us to believe.

Gabbana fashion show when he took fans by total surprise, letting everyone know he is “officially taken,” all with one kissing pic he shared on Instagram. Cameron was really plugging this new romance, even posting on his Instagram story that he’s finally found his queen. And he responded back to fans in the comments of his pics, letting them know he’s so happy they’re happy for him. Now while this all appears to be the happiest time in Cameron’s life, this sudden romance wasn’t real, like we originally suspected. I realized how beautiful it would be and said alright, I’m down,” Cameron explained.

Giorgia is an amazing person. I only met her that day, but she’s amazing. Such a great person, internally. She’s gorgeous as well, like, wow! A lot of fans were there taking photos and I knew it would get out, so I just rolled with it.

I thought it was cool — our first kiss was under the Duomo, it’s very romantic. I thought it was really romantic — maybe a little staged, but a great photo. Yeah, it was pretty staged, but it’s kind of like, maybe our parents brought us together! So there we have it, the smooch everyone was freaking out over was just for a photo and no, Cameron is not dating Giorgia.