Spending holidays alone single

There are couples kissing under the mistletoe, holding hands while skating alongside each other and other lovey-dovey things that make you cringe. It’s holiday season and if you’re spending it without a significant other, we get it: it sucks. Whether you usually care about your single status or not, there’s something about this time of year that keeps throwing coupledom in your face. There’s no point in lying about it, so let’s just spending holidays alone single all of our cards on the table.

Here are 10 reasons why being single during the holidays can be the absolute worst. Are you saying you wouldn’t like locking lips with your other half beneath an inanimate object or a branch? Or when you can’t remember where you parked the car. I’m sorry, but we all can’t be Beyonce.

Or help us when we fall on our butts. And nobody to hold you during those sappy moments. The gifts, the engagement rings, the damned mistletoe. But who knows, you could be great at it. Why buy myself a gift when I can get it from someone else? Russian Trolls That Meddled In U.

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5 0 1 0 6. Patton Oswalt attends the premiere of “Baby Driver” in Los Angeles, California, on June 14, 2017. The holidays are supposed to be a season of joy and cheer, but for some of us, they can be the hardest time of the year. Org, Sheryl Sandberg’s initiative, to commission essays from influential people who have struggled themselves about what has helped them during difficult holiday seasons in the past. OptionBThere, you’ll find actions big and small that you can take to help yourself and others find moments of joy. Ugh, you’re alone on the holidays.

Every single cliché about solitude in winter pounces on you. You’re pummeled into a gang of one that nobody else wants to join. The sun takes its sweet time heaving itself into the sky every morning, and then scuttles away too quickly right after 5 pm. Trees are bare and skeletal against a doomy, concrete sky. Life and motion and love all seem zombified. You see happy families scurrying through the snow, clutching presents, laughing.