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On Spark network dating 6, fans of The Bachelor exploded onto this season’s star, Arie Luyendyk Jr. Wikipedia page in search of revenge. The Unsung Heroes Protecting Wikipedia. How Apple’s new “spaceship” campus may cause concussions.

How you use your smartphone might also reveal whether you’re depressed. New technology aims to copy human skin. Today’s youngsters are the first generation to be born into a “Quantified Self” world, where achievements are gamified, stats are constantly updated, and those stats can be monitored. A new field of research that looks at how we use our smartphones holds tremendous potential to transform the current mental healthcare system.

Researchers at Stanford University could change how technology feels and looks with a flexible, skin-like material that can sense the footsteps of an artificial ladybug. Have you ever thought that there aren’t nearly enough hours in the day to get everything done? Pribot and Polisis are free. They harness machine learning to interpret privacy policies for consumers. Scrolling through your Twitter feed turns up all kinds of metrics, such as how many followers you have or how often your tweets have been liked and retweeted.