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Please forward this error screen to 69. Sonoma county dating forward this error screen to 69. Sonoma urban area had a population of 32,678. 21st, last and northernmost mission built in Alta California.

In 1833 the Mexican Congress decided to close all of the missions in Alta California. The Spanish missionaries were to be replaced by parish priests. Mission was part of a larger plan. Until the building was habitable, the troops were housed in the buildings of the old Mission. Vallejo had also been instructed by Governor Figueroa to establish a pueblo at the site of the old Mission. In 1843, Lieutenant Colonel Vallejo wrote to the Governor recommending that a civil government be organized for Sonoma.

Before dawn on Sunday, June 14, 1846, thirty-three Americans, already in rebellion against the Alta California government, arrived in Sonoma. Some of the group had traveled from the camp of U. California in late 1845 with his exploration and mapping expedition. Others had joined along the way.

As the number of immigrants arriving in California had swelled, the Mexican government barred them from buying or renting land and threatened them with expulsion because they had entered without official permission. United States coupled with the growing influx of American immigrants into California. A group of rebellious Americans had departed from Frémont’s camp on June 10 and captured a herd of 170 Mexican government-owned horses being moved by Californio soldiers from San Rafael and Sonoma to Alta California’s Commandante General José Castro in Santa Clara. Sonoma to the Californios as a rallying point north of San Francisco Bay. Vallejo’s home and pounded on his door. After a few minutes Vallejo opened the door dressed in his Mexican Army uniform.

Vallejo invited the filibusters’ leaders into his home to negotiate terms. However, when the agreement was presented to those outside they refused to endorse it. Rather than releasing the Mexican officers under parole they insisted they be held as hostages. Sonoma and start a new republic. Referring to the stolen horses Ide ended his oration with “Choose ye this day what you will be! We are robbers, or we must be conquerors!