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An anonymous woman who was attempting to send a late night Snapchat to her partner accidentally sent it to her boss. Boss snapchat name finder: ‘Please be more careful. It’s every woman’s worst nightmare: sending a picture message intended for your boyfriend to your boss. And one woman’s nightmare became a reality when she did just that.

The woman can be seen seductively lifting her T-shirt to reveal her breasts and stomach in the image intended for her love interest. Not only did the woman mistakenly send the image to her colleague, her boss actually replied to her. The shocked boss penned a note, which was snapped back to her, saying: ‘Hi, you probably did not mean to send this to me, but please be more careful. The woman’s boss, who was clearly left in shock, replied to the image by penning and photographing a note, which read: ‘Hi, you probably did not mean to send this to me, but please be more careful. Not only did her boss capitalise the word boss, he or she also underlined it, perhaps to emphasise the severity of the situation.

Snapchat is booming with 100m users worldwide. It is also the fastest growing social network of all – beating Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to the top spot. Snapchat is incredibly popular among 13 to 25 year olds, but the technology has been hit with bad publicity since its inception for the amount of young people who use it to exchange sexy pictures. Id”:”2068210856001″,”descr”:”Introduction to the popular picture and video app, Snapchat. How’s this for an Extraordinary Home?

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