Singles bar

The Yale and MIT Clubs of Wash, DC invite you to join fellow Singles bar alumni for an evening of conversation, jazz, dinner, and drink in a private home on Capitol Hill. A lively local band will play throughout the evening.

The band is also receptive to having an open mic, so if you’d like to play or sing, you’re welcome to join in. If there is a particular song that you’d like to play, please send in the sheet music at least a week in advance so that they have time to practice. If we sell out online, we will not accept more people at the door. This event sold out last year and we did not take any people at the door. Our events are open to all single alumni of member schools and their guests.

Nine enchanting rooms of varying size make it an ideal setting for private parties, weddings and special events. Each is unique in character and beautifully furnished with antiques, art, and political memorabilia. The mansion is special in that none of its public rooms are square or rectangular. Metro: The Whittemore House mansion is on New Hampshire Ave NW, a half block northeast off Dupont Circle and a few minutes walk from the Dupont Circle Metro Station’s north exit. Parking: There are 3 parking garages nearby. Street parking is limited but more available after 6:30pm.

40 sent to Steve Piekarec, 2535 West Meredith Drive, Vienna, Virginia 22181, by Monday, May 15. Make checks payable to “The Cornell Club of Washington” and note your own school on the check. 45 – for walk-ins, email, or phone reservations. Sister and other prestigious schools’ regional alumni associations that sponsors social activities. Most of our attendees are in their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s. A systematic method for organizing single rep training. This article tells you How To Do Singles for strength training.

A strength training site with lots of other stuff. Should You Deadlift With the Bar Against Your Legs? Pistols: What have you done for me lately? Few people understand how to use near maximal strength training to get results. A one rep maximum is sometimes called FM for the maximum force you can muster. Some people also define intensity as the percentage of any rep maximum being used but we will ignore that and stick only with percentage of maximal ability which is by far the most useful and fundamental definition for an individual. Other ways of measuring intensities may be more useful for those studying strength training populations but for the individual this will result in nothing but confusion.

As heavy as you can lift as long as you get a certain number of reps and sets. Intensity is job one, especially with single rep training. There is no such thing as a universal sweet-spot where volume and intensity become optimal. Only what fits in with your goals given all the parameters that affect your training, such as diet, rest, stress, etc. And close is all we will ever come to optimal. But that is another article. Many times, this feeling of intensiveness has as much to do with fatigue as with true intensity as related to load.

That should do it for now. We may think of some more things which intensity is not as we go along. If we do we’ll clue you in. Most of you probably have your minds filled with so many doubts and concerns every time you try something new. There is always a little birdie singing in your ear. It would be very easy to turn this into another e-book.