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4 0 51 2 57. Me and him have been together six weeks. We recently started having sex and he told me he wants me to have oral sex with him while he’s playing video games. I am scared it could be a bad precedent.

My girlfriend said it wasn’t a big deal and that I’m overthinking it. For both women and men, problems with sleep and sex are linked. Could a lack of sleep be getting in the way of your sex life? Sleep affects sex, and sex affects sleep. It’s important to pay attention to both. Steve and Mia: My ex is having my baby!

My girlfriend has been cheating on me and so I called her the w– she is. I am done with her for good this time. I didn’t even know she was pregnant. She’s the kind of person who electrifies every situation. Dennis and Jaimie Polsz with daughter Lila June. The Parent Trip: Jaimie and Dennis Polsz of Mt.

They’d already decided on a name, the one they’d been saying in faux-Southern accents for months: “Lila June, I do declare! Rhett and Meagan Brackeen with baby Margo. The day Meagan learned she was pregnant, Rhett began a punch-list: Paint the room. Then came the genetic testing, the diagnosis and months of grappling with what cystic fibrosis would mean for their daughter, and for them. Alice Worrall and Jed Shambeda with son Nicholas.