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NORDICUM’s Real Estate Issue is a yearly publication presenting the leading Finnish companies within the real estate and architecture. The special report provides an overview of the Finnish real scandinavian dating as well as information on real estate projects.

100th birthday and the long-awaited launch of the new western metro line from Helsinki to Espoo. As always, NORDICUM dives deep into the real estate market and showcases the most dynamic urban development projects around the country. What makes a star city? While not everybody would agree on the true characteristics of a great city, there are still some features that are deemed attractive to both companies and people.

6-10 billion by 2030 in order to build an internationally attractive Smart City. What this means is that digital solutions will amplify the quality of life for citizens as well as boost the local business ecosystem. Located along the Helsinki-Tampere corridor, Hämeenlinna has often been overlooked as a potent hot spot for growth. There’s something really interesting cooking in Southwest Finland. Region is mounting one impressive comeback. The Turku shipyard has made a new record with as many as ten vessels in the orderbook. Futureproofing buildings, communities and cities was one of the big themes at the Annual Convention of Property Investment Prospects in Aulanko, Hämeenlinna, Finland.

4 November, 2016, Finland’s biggest event for the Finnish real estate business pooled the industry professionals together to talk shop and envision new, brave horizons. Digitalisation is revolutionising the technical solutions used in buildings, starting from the design all the way to the building maintenance operations. In the past, various building systems, such as access control and elevator systems, were designed independently. Focusing on specific building systems for specific needs, this method, however, often results in a fragmented approach and rather fixed business structures within the industry. Digital disruption is already hard at work in integrating the various solutions to increase value for users and building owners. Real estate is keeping it real.

The year 2016 witnessed the highest property transactions volume ever in Finland. Already in early December, the transaction volume in the Finnish property market hit its new annual record level with approximately EUR 6. The former record, dating back to 2007, was EUR 6. 60 years ago, Tapiola was a shining example of a modern community rooted in natural values. There are big things in store for Aalto University and its environs in Otaniemi, Espoo. D and corporate activities in the area, as well as residential solutions, says Kari Kontturi, Managing Director of Aalto University Properties. With the pressure from e-trade, shopping centres are working hard to reinvent themselves.

Helsinki is in the middle of a massive transformation that is unprecedented in Finland – and, in fact, one would be hard pressed to find an undertaking of equivalent scope anywhere in Europe. The original trigger was this was the exit of all local port operations from central city areas to a brand new port in Vuosaari, east from downtown, in 2008. As a consequence, the field opened up for ambitious waterfront construction like never before: residential, commercial and office construction kicked off along the shores. Improving productivity is what more and more companies are looking for today. Updating the entire concept of today’s office is very much linked with this goal. Björn Mattsson, the newly appointed Managing Director for Skanska Commercial Development Finland, says that companies should recognise how the ways of working have changed over the years. Northern Scandinavia is ripe with opportunities – if one has the will and resources to pursue them.

Leading the pack in this department is Oulu, the largest city in Northern Finland with 250,000 residents. Located on the shores of the Bay of Bothnia, in the Oulunjoki river delta, Oulu has long been known for its innovative expertise – for example, Oulu’s ICT prowess is remarkable also on an international level. Going well beyond sustainable, Turku gets busy raising its urban IQ: Smart City attitudes and practices are gaining momentum in the entire Turku Region. ICLEI Honorary Award in 2006 and signing the European Declaration of Sustainable Cities already in 1996. City of Turku to identify priorities for advancing sustainability. Sustainability, energy efficiency and the environment remain the key drivers in the real estate investment sector, says Philip La Pierre, Head of Investment Europe, Union Investment Real Estate GmbH. La Pierre says that his company firmly believes that sustainable practices go hand in hand with economic added value and the viability of sustainable products over the long term.