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Please forward this error screen to 192. Indeed as I filled in not one, but two sapiophile dating site and chemistry sets, I sighed with nostalgia for the easy swipeability of the summer. No, we are not in Tinderland anymore, Toto.

It has removed the fun from dating apps that I had previously experienced. This is beneficial for the rest of my life and productivity, but ranks it lowly for dating potential! Even the name Plenty of Fish is uninspired. It suggests that yes, there are lots of people out there for you. But it also kind of hints at desperation, settling or a vaguely vanilla reassurance that you will find someone. It, unromantically, reminds us that it is just a numbers game, so you are bound to.

As much as I hate to admit it, it just doesn’t have the spark of fiery Tinder. He goes on to complain to me on how the last girl he met on POF, used him for sex. After several dates and for several weeks, which sounded more like a fling than using to me. I mean is this what POF is for? I may have despaired of the slutty male population of Tinder but really, moaning to girls you don’t know about how you’ve been used for sex on an online dating app. I nervously and quickly put out of my mind. Like Alice on her trip to Wonderland, this is when I started to pinch myself, please, wake up.

Apparently these are my most likely potential mandates. But the term prospects just seems a tad too Austen-esque. The only experience I’ve had of online dating,the TSOT, has clearly had an impact, seeings as on POF I feel exceptionally shallow for even mentioning looks or suggesting, heaven forbid, actually meeting up. POF may miss the obvious shallow, sex-driven audience of Tinder but I did see a hint of it. My main issue with POF is that anyone can message you.

Like the 40 year old, who said I was far too young for him, so not to be scared, but he wanted to ask me about tips on where to go out in Bristol. Creepy and it means your POF inbox will have more spam than that old hotmail profile you have yet to delete. The reason for this abhorrent experience was a social experiment. I was intrigued by the amount of blogs and media coverage I’ve read on catfishes. Clearly a danger in online dating, is this person going to be who they say they are?

I wanted to see how easy it would be to fake a profile so that was my initial experiment. I’d signed up with a different name. An issue that I will be facing tomorrow. If Tinder is the red light district of online dating then POF is the local library at closing time. That place where everyone is looking for something and at least they aren’t all sex pests but if you’ve ever been to your local library, you will know it’s definitely not somewhere to look for dates. I can’t even bring myself to date one of these guys for blogging sake, and that’s saying something. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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