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23 July 1994 with Rota spain escort Taussig, daughter of Admiral Carney, as sponsor. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Destroyer Squadron 24 in September 1998. Mediterranean setting a milestone as the first United States Navy ship to operate in a bilateral United States-Japan Naval Exercise to be conducted in the Mediterranean Sea. Vandel Exercise testing the capability to intercept hostile missiles with the ship’s missiles. US’s commitment to stability to its regional partners.

Middle East, where she carried out Theater Security Operations. She completed a number of multi-national exercises with a number of Middle Eastern countries and returned to Naval Station Mayport on 4 June 2008. Eagle Salute 2010, a multi-warfare area exercise hosted by Egypt. Returning to Naval Station Mayport on 31 July 2010. During the deployment, she disrupted four piracy attempts, boarded nine vessels, approached 28 suspected pirate vessels, and disarmed and captured 30 suspected pirates in support of Operation Ocean Shield. Naval Station Mayport for a scheduled independent deployment. Spain, after a 19-day transit from Naval Station Mayport.

100 migrants whose small inflatable watercraft was adrift in the water. 5-inch gun to help a U. Drapetsona port, Greece, to provide air cover for President’s Barack Obama visit to Athens. Scotland in preparation for NATO Exercise Joint Warrior.

The move follows increased tensions between Russia and the U. Symbolism: Dark blue and gold are the colors traditionally associated with the Navy and recall the sea and excellence. Azure, three demi-spears pilewise Proper superimposed by a stylized anchor Or. The three spears represent submarine, surface and air warfare. The anchor is reminiscent of Maritime tradition, United States naval strength, sea prowess and excellence of achievement.