Random skype chat

Most of users of the Skype program use only the basic functions and enjoy them, not knowing that this program, though free, supports much more interesting and useful features. It is for this reason that I have written this article — that all our readers knew about the commands in the Skype chat and could take advantage of them. I hope that with time I will be able to tell you about all the secrets and hidden features of this program, but for now, I random skype chat you a description of all the commands available in the Skype chat. And if you still have questions or need help, do not hesitate to ask in comments.

It is necessary to note that the following is a list of all commands that are available in the chat, but some of them are not supported in all versions of Skype. Creates a new group chat, which supports the traditional functions of moderation. Displays the commands available for debugging Skype. Creates an exact copy of the current chat, keeping those participants who are in the user’s contact list.

If pass username as an argument he will be excluded from the list. Shows information about users who have access to the chat. Displays banned users, deprived of access to the chat. Returns the name of the chat. With the help of this command you can determine, what type of chat is used. Creates a unique URL that allows inviting new users to join the Skype chat.

Shows a list of participants with the role of the each user. Starts a group call involving all the users of the chat. Displays a list of some of the available Skype chat commands. Loads the entire history of correspondence in the active chat window. Shows the number of chat participants and the current member limit. Eliminates the specified user from the chat and deprives him of the right to return back. To leave the group chat.

Creates a new group chat. Disables notifications of chat participants’ birthdays. To end the user’s session from all devices, except the current one. Synchronizes the list of contacts. Chat is designed for Skype users who need help or want to help others. You can specify one or more users, separating them by a space. Sets the password for the chat, and only users who know the password can join.