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Women with PTSD told researchers that they had felt ‘abandoned, humiliated, ignored, dismissed or violated’ by midwives, whom they often perceived as ‘hostile’ or ‘incompetent’. Uncaring or dismissive ptsd dating from midwives have been blamed for new mothers developing post-traumatic stress disorder. Even women with medically normal births can get PTSD if they feel midwives do not care, research found. It can cause panic attacks, flashbacks, nightmares, insomnia and social isolation.

Nearly one in 20 mothers develop full PTSD after childbirth. Many of these cases could be prevented with better communication and support, experts said. Women with the condition interviewed by researchers said they had felt ‘abandoned, humiliated, ignored, dismissed or violated’ by midwives, whom they often perceived as ‘hostile’ or ‘incompetent’. A study by Edinburgh Napier University found women’s perception of their care was a much more significant factor in whether or not they developed PTSD than how physically difficult their labour was. Lead researcher Jennifer Patterson said: ‘Women talk about feeling unsafe and a lack of trust in their provider of care, a lack of respect and a lack of communication.

The research was based on an analysis of papers from 1980 to 2016, and intensive interviews with mothers and midwives. Early results from six interviews were presented at the Royal College of Midwives conference in Manchester this week. The authors said many midwives felt they did not have time to talk to or support women as much as they wanted because of pressures put on them by management. One woman with PTSD described how she was met at hospital by a midwife ‘stood with her arms folded’ who ‘sighed’ at her because she was in a wheelchair. The woman said: ‘I felt like I was a nuisance who had caused a problem. Another said her midwife ‘sat in the corner typing’ on a computer while another said her midwife was ‘totally focused on her paperwork and forms’.

A fourth woman said: ‘I felt all authority was taken away from me. Other people decided what was best for me and my baby and there was very little dialogue. Jenny Mullan, of Birth Trauma Resolution therapy, told the conference: ‘It’s not the most horrific cases that lead to PTSD. Actually the most horrific thing is not being listened to, not being believed, not getting validation and feeling out of control. When we feel like we’re in a traumatic situation and we feel we’re trapped and can’t escape, that often leads to trauma. Around 10,000 UK women a year are treated for PTSD after childbirth, but Miss Mullan said this could be the ‘tip of the iceberg’ because many cases are not diagnosed.

Nearly half of women find birth traumatic, with 4 per cent developing full PTSD. This rises to one in five for women who experience stillbirth or premature birth. Mandy Forrester, of the RCM, said there was a shortage of 3,500 midwives and ‘sometimes demand outstrips capacity’, adding: ‘There are a lot of pressures on midwifery services due to staff shortages. The RCM is calling for all pregnant women to be given a named midwife as a point of contact before, during and after birth.

Britain’sĀ Got Talent judge Amanda Holden revealed in 2014 that she felt she had ‘fought a war’ after nearly dying as she gave birth to her daughter Hollie. I’ve had therapy and was told I suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome,’ she told Radio Times. I assumed that was what people had in Afghanistan, and I haven’t fought a war. But maybe I have in a way. The birth in 2012 was carried out by caesarean section due to a low-lying placenta. But when it was taken out, an artery ruptured.

Miss Holden lost several pints of blood, her heart stopped for 40 seconds and it was feared she would die. As much blood as they were putting in me was going out,’ she said. It just would not clot. Parisa Siddiqi, 29, is seen with her ex-husband Kevin Crane and their two young sons in a photo posted in December 2017.

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