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New and Overwatch chat Characters – Overwatch: Ever wonder what Characters will be added to Overwatch next? Well, by digging into the game a bit, we can speculate on upcoming people. Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Dark Souls? Celebs’ Favorite RPGs – Best Game Ever Ep.

Will Fortnite Ever Come to Nintendo Switch? Need assistance with editing this wiki? The same picture can be seen below. She fits the hacker image we have of her and in the picture, her finger tips have lines of energy stretching out to interact with the hand of the Svyatogor mech she is standing on. Although it seems unlikely she can wield a building sized mech in combat, this subtle imagery could be suggesting that she uses robots to do her fighting and won’t be much of a combatant herself. With Blizzcon 2016 just around the corner, it’s very likely we will see the reveal and release of Sombra within the next 14 days.

The mystery of who Sombra is continues to grow. Sombra is infact some sort of elusive hacker. We keep getting teases about the character through various strings of coding left in reveal trailers. The most recent of these teases comes with the Summer Games announcement trailer.

One interesting tid bit to come out of this so far, is the idea that Sombra is going to be the 23rd character added to the game, and the Summer Games are expected to end on the 22nd. The numbers line up nicely for it to be Sombra who is added, although this is of course speculation. Another clue was discovered about the mysterious Sombra. After much manipulating, the beeps turned into Binary Code, and that Binary then turned into a QR Code. Once scanned, that code led to a saying, written in Spanish. Well, now that I have your attention, allow me to make things much more difficult.

Although not much, it’s another clue in the string of teases and clues about the mysterious character of Sombra. The latest tease further cements the fact she is some sort of hacker, as the hoops that the community had to go through to discover this data was all very well hidden among obscure bits of coding and sounds. However, thanks to the investigative efforts of many fans, it’s possible that Sombra may be the very next character added. Sombra being the next character added to Overwatch.

These investigative efforts also discovered the number 23. Currently there are 22 heroes in Overwatch, so if these teases are to be believed, Sombra will be added as the next character. Sombra seems to be centered around technology and being elusive. These are often traits of hackers and spies, and might indicate that Sombra’s character could revolve around the use of technology. The Doomfist isn’t an actual character, but an item. In the original cinematic that Blizzard released, we saw the Doomfist in a display case.

Then Doomfist has been wielded by various people throughout its existence, and each person that wields it gains the moniker of “Doomfist”. Originally the item was designed as a plot point, but Blizzard has seen such a positive reaction to the item, they have spoken about giving the item to a hero, and adding them to the game. Shown in the original cinematic reveal, there is a wide shot of all the heroes in Overwatch. In it, we see several characters who have not been spoken of to date. Although we could write this off, saying the other people are just filler, we are optimistic that’s not the case. In particular, there are 4 characters who stand out the most.