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By Annabel Fenwick Elliot For Dailymail. EXCLUSIVE: ‘We are NOT prostitutes! Annabel Online sugar daddy no meeting Elliot For Dailymail.

Read this: EXCLUSIVE: ‘We are NOT prostitutes! Sugar daddy dating sites – where young, attractive women can find themselves rich, older men who will pay for their companionship – have soared in popularity over the years. Many of the women who use the website have a great deal in common. Karlie is a 21-year-old stay-at-home mom from Pensacola, Florida, who traded jobs in dog grooming and selling cupcakes for sugar daddy dating, which helps her to support her kids.

If a wife is not working, is being paid and supported by her husband, and they have sex, does that make her a prostitute? You don’t have to have sex,’ insists Karlie, who bears chest tattoos which read ‘loyalty’ and trust’. Sure, they want it eventually, but only after you build a relationship and get to know them. I don’t see it as being much different than being in a normal relationship with a man of more wealth than you, except you can date more than one at a time! Denise, a 30-year-old patient care manager from San Rafael, California, has dated four sugar daddies in the last four years. Many women including me do not want to start a family,’ she says. I’d like to keep working for as long as I can and make my money while I’m still young and beautiful.