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A strange thing happened native american dating sites Western Frontier. During the days of Wild West, American pioneers were moving out into untamed and treacherous land.

They were building their homes in a virtual war zone, on land stolen from the natives, and that meant that their lives—and the lives of their children—were constantly at risk. Pioneer children, in the days of the American frontier, would often be kidnapped by raiding warriors. They would raid a white village, take their children, and carry them back to their homes as hostages. But when their families tracked them down and tried to rescue them, sometimes, the children didn’t want to go home.

It was a strange phenomenon the settlers of America struggled to understand. Even Benjamin Franklin commented on it. In 1835, a trader named George Ewing met an elderly woman of the Miami tribe named Maconaquah. She was in her sixties and a respected woman among the tribe, a widowed grandmother whose husband had been their chief. And so you can imagine his surprise when this old woman told him she had born to white parents. A Miami family had bought her for a few pelts, and they’d raised her as their own. 57 years had passed since her capture.

Frances’s brothers hadn’t stopped looking for her since the day she was captured. When word got out that she was still alive, her brother Isaac met with the sister he’d lost decades ago and begged her to come home. Frances, though, had forgotten how to speak English. I do not wish to live any better, or anywhere else, and I think the Great Spirit has permitted me to live so long because I have always lived with the Indians. True to her word, she stayed with her captors until the day she died—and she was buried next to the man who had been her husband. Cynthia Ann Parker was nine years old when she was kidnapped by Comanche Indians in 1836. Her family was slaughtered, and she and four other children were dragged off into the night.