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CHAT TO HOT CHICKS LIVE ON CAM. This website is a parody website. It is not affiliated in any way with the goods or services that may be parodied. CLICK HERE TO GO TO ORSM. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige attempted to put to rest the Marvel vs. DC debate, and discussed whether the MCU would make an R-rated movie. Read Kevin Feige Denies a Marvel vs.

Kevin Feige Denies a Marvel vs. But hey, at least he tried. A, Feige talked about how the Marvel vs. DC Comics feud doesn’t extend to the people working at the studios. DC and Marvel moviee fans have been at each other’s throats. Of course, the rivalry has stretched back to the two comics companies’ real rivalry from the 1960s through today, but it reached a fever pitch once superhero cinematic universes started dominating the box office.

There’s not really a rivalry. The rivalry is much more amongst the press, I think. Geoff Johns is a very good friend of mine. We grew up together in the business and recently celebrated Richard Donner, who we both used to work for. So, I applaud all the success he’s had. I really just look at it as a fan.

I’m always rooting for them. I do believe that there are no hard feelings between the people at Marvel Studios and the DC Films section at Warner Bros. The success of Wonder Woman is wonderful. It makes us incredibly happy. Finally, we can put to rest the falsehood that audiences don’t want to see female characters.

We never believed that was true. There were a run of movies that just weren’t very good 10-15 years ago that caused that reputation. I’m glad that Wonder Woman has blown that away. Marvel 10 years and 15 movies to get to its first female superhero movie, and not for lack of demand. 2019, it’s been a long time coming, Feige.

Is There an R-Rated MCU Movie in the Future? When I started at Marvel 17 years ago, the Blade franchise was doing very well. A lot of people didn’t even know it was based on a Marvel character, because at the time, they sort of hid the fact that it was a Marvel character. So, not out of the question, but not something we’re working on right now. I’m glad that Feige acknowledged that an R-rating doesn’t create buzz or a successful movie — good, new storytelling does. And while an R-rating does allow for superhero movies to explore facets they never have before, it has to be done organically, out of the nature of the character.