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2 is a client-side mod that provides various tweaks and features to the Minecraft chat, while staying close to the look and feel of the Vanilla chat. It’s most notable features are Emoticons, and Image Link preview, configurable Chat Tabs and Message Filters. Simple Emote menu to go along with it, in case you can’t remember your Twitch emote codes. Links in Minecraft pointing to an image will be previewed right there when clicked on. No need to open them in a browser!

Ability to set a message prefix to quickly respond to whispers. Ability to set exclusive channels, which will cause messages not to appear on other tabs whose patterns fit as well. F5-F8 will store the currently typed message in a Macro slot. Pressing F5-F8 will then insert the stored message into chat as long as it’s open. Ability to simply completely hide messages. When another player mentions your name, the message will be highlighted with a red background. Ability to set up further highlighted words.