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We all yearn for connection, yet often feel trapped by our sense of isolation, anger, or envy. But there is a key that can free us from this prison of despair. Love is just hard to talk about. And perhaps even harder to practice. How do we attract it? How do we cultivate it? To answer these questions, first we have to define it.

In fact, don’t even think about love as a feeling at all. An aptness or facility that resides within all of us that can be cultivated to create real, profound connections with others, with all, and most importantly ourselves. And it is that connection that will nourish the very sustenance of life itself and ultimately set you free. Today I sit down with Sharon to redefine our limited interpretation of love. To dispel the misunderstandings that confine and circumscribe it.

To plumb the eternal truths within it — love based on direct interactions rather than preconceptions. And to explore how we can better cultivate and expand our experience of real love in our daily lives. For the uninitiated, Sharon Salzberg is a towering figure in the field of meditation. A world-renowned teacher and multiple New York Times’ bestselling author, she has played a central, crucial role in bringing meditation and mindfulness practices to the West and into mainstream culture dating back to 1974 when she first began teaching.

One of the many striking things about Sharon is that she’s just cool. Despite her undisputed luminary status in the meditation space, conspicuously absent is any hint of pretense or artifice. Down-to-earth and fun to be with, her approach to Buddhist teachings is modern, secular, and accessible, rendering the wisdom and it’s practical applications relatable to all. This conversation is a deep dive into Sharon’s extraordinary life. It’s about the reoccurring abandonment and incomprehensible trauma she endured as a child — and how she ultimately found salvation, and her life path, in meditation.