Millionaire matchmaker club

WE tv series, “Million Dollar Matchmaker”. This millionaire matchmaker club is supported only in Windows 10 and above.

What did Courtney and Shondo learn? This week on Million Dollar Matchmaker, Patti realized that not all her clients change in five short days. Courtney and Shondo’s wild-child nature gets in the way when it comes to dating, but they do leave the Millionaire’s Club with the right set of tools to find love. MMA fighter Shondo Blades hasn’t found a woman that can keep up, but Patti isn’t like most women. She’s about to whip him into shape and show him the tough love he deserves!

Patti sets up a date for the infamous wild-child Courtney Stodden. Courtney hates rules, especially Patti’s, but she’s also open to change. Will she take the lessons that Patti has taught her or continue her rebellious streak? Love By Candace: Bad Tech Habit!

Tempted to check his or her phone? Love guru Candace believes that if you want to maintain a healthy relationship this is one bad habit you have to break! Maxed Out: Chivalry Isn’t Dead! Chivalry is far from dead and, if anything, is on the up-and-up. Not sure what it means? Maxwell is here to break it down and show you how to be chivalrous in the modern era!

Patti takes Claudia and Kelly on an emotional ride to find love. With or without a date, they both leave the Millionaire’s Club as new women and discover the importance of self-love. Patti takes on her youngest client yet, the infamous wild child Courtney Stodden who trainwrecks through her date and MMA fighter Shondo Blades, who goes barking up the wrong tree! The stakes are high for these recruits. They have one night, one shot, at impressing Claudia. A good first impression is all it takes. Who will win Claudia’s heart?