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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718054171. He is also the founder of the Memphis-based Consortium MMT, a nonprofit organization memphis tn singles to develop the music industry in Memphis.

Porter became active at Satellite as a songwriter. Soon after, Satellite rebranded as Stax Records and redefined their focus to become a soul music label. Starting in the late 1960s, Hayes became increasingly focused on his own recording career, eventually leading to the end of the songwriting partnership. The Hayes-Porter duo composed 200 songs during their collaboration. Porter then began recording his own albums for Stax. Also, he released on other labels under the pseudonyms Little David and Kenny Cain.

Memphis through structured teaching, experience and mentorship. Porter was awarded the 2013 Governor’s Arts Award for his achievements including the founding and success of The Consortium MMT venture. Member of the Board, TPC annual PGA golf event benefiting St. Enterprise label unless otherwise noted. 1971: “If I Give It Up, I Want It Back” Pt.

If I Give It Up, I Want It Back” Pt. Museum of American Soul Music. The Consortium Memphis Music Town. Digital Archival of Resources Related to Memphis, June 12, 2014.

This page was last edited on 22 January 2018, at 20:37. Elvis from the beginning of his career in 1954 until his death in 1977. Several members filled practical roles in the singer’s life. For instance, they were employed to work for him as bodyguards or on tour logistics and scheduling. Over the years, the number of members grew and changed, but for the most part there was a core group who spent a lot of time with the singer. Elvis preferred men around him who were loyal, trustworthy and deferential. Thus family members and friends of his youth were very important to him.

For the first time in his life, he had a group of male friends to pal around with, and he relished being the leader of the pack. She describes herself as having been like a sister to Elvis, a companion, confidante and keeper of secrets in the exciting days of his early career. Elvis was surrounded by the first wave of what would become known as the Memphis Mafia. She says that she “was with him and the guys all the time. There wasn’t a crowd then, just a few guys,” and she emphasizes that she “had nothing to do with being a yes man for him and obviously he trusted me. Mike Keeton, Dave Hebler, Sam Thompson and numerous others.

Around 1960, the media dubbed these people the “Memphis Mafia. This first referred to their image, as they usually cruised the city in black mohair suits and dark sunglasses. Elvis and his friends got out of the two cars and someone in the crowd yelled, “Who are they, the Mafia? The Memphis Mafia members themselves say on their website that Elvis liked the name and it stuck. Elvis’ wife Priscilla, helped with the creation of this logo on a flight through stormy conditions. A lightning bolt flashed across the sky in front of them, and Elvis took inspiration from it.

William Otterburn-Hall describes the men as close around the star “like a football scrum after a loose ball”. He relates that they were a “friendly bunch” who, when Elvis began to sing just for fun during his interview, followed “suit, singing, clowning, all on their feet”. According to Patrick Humphries, they “acted as Elvis’ bodyguards, babysitters, drug procurers, girl-getters, mates and car buyers. For that they were often shouted at, abused and belittled by the King when he felt like it.

Marty Lacker states, “Everyone had assigned responsibilities and they were far from leeches, hangers on or whatever else they were called. They all had jobs to do so that Elvis could do his and as far as being there for the money, that’s laughable because there really wasn’t much in that area to be there for. Marty went on to say, “Most of us were not there for the money, we were there because we all cared about Elvis and each other like brothers. The Members of the Memphis Mafia had specific jobs.