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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1071804184. We help you meet girls that close relationship with your daughter through her turbulent tween and teen years. Opinions Please: What Do You Think About Raising Girls?

Reporting from the Eclipse: YOU! Send Your Work to New Moon Girls Now! Get the BEST magazine by and for girls. Your choice of paper or e-magazine. Meet interesting girls your age in our unique online creative community. Some are like you and some are different. Adult moderators keep our online safe and respectful for you and all the members.

Get and give support, help and your best advice to make it through tough times. Meet others who share your passion for raising strong, compassionate girls in a still-sexist world. Get the latest practical information, resources, and tips from researchers, experts, parents, teachers, and youth workers. Be more prepared to support and guide girls through the tough times, in tune with her individual needs. Stay up-to-date on important advocacy work for girls’ rights worldwide. And learn how you can be a changemaker, too. I could not have gotten through 7th grade without it!

NMG is a place to be free, honest and thoughtful. NMG is refreshingly different from mainstream corporate media. I really love New Moon. As a guidance counselor, and as a mom, I use it as a resource for sparking conversations, thinking, and changing behaviors with the girls I know. Thank you so much for being such a positive teacher for my most beloved niece.

NMG has been one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever given her. Your influence has helped shape a terrific, kind, self-aware girl. NMG was a valued and treasured magazine for my daughter from age 8 – 14. She waited for it to come in the mail and she read it cover to cover immediately. I strongly recommend it to all young girls who want to share with their peers from all over the world to discover different world views unencumbered by insidious and harmful advertising. It is also a wonderful forum for self-expression and sharing as it is written by girls and not controlled by an adult club with ulterior motives. A wonderful, wonderful contribution to girl culture.