Meet at the winchester

Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1601531619. Meet at the winchester, it has been happened. Now it is available via WWW.

Now everything as planned, but it is working. It has a lot of bugs, of course, but it is working. So, about “Meet Management”, aka MM. I think, but I could not find something else. If you have an idea, please, share it.

Going back to MM let me give you a bit history of this project. They are gymnasts, moreover, they are rhythmic gymnast. The idea was about the gym’s meets: to create the DB of the results. However I liked that idea and I am still on this direction. At the very beginning I thought it will be very convenient to have a laptop on the meet and put all results there. I had to work on Capital Challenge Meet and I added a possibility to show the scoring. The main idea of this project is: to collect the meets results and to have a possibility to analyze them.