Love languages physical touch for singles

Get an overview of the love languages physical touch for singles-so-useful book, ‘The Five Love Languages. What Are the 5 Love Languages?

What would you like to know? Sarah grew up in Monterey, CA and now lives in Los Angeles. When she’s not writing, you can find her enjoying a good book, fine wine, sunflowers and long walks on the beach. If you spend any time around couples, you might have heard the phrase “love language” come up. Their love language is acts of service,” they might say of their partner when they talk about their partner’s help around the house. So, what exactly are these languages he speaks of? Chapman, there are five universal ways that all people express and interpret love.

Through his more than 30 years of couples counseling, Dr. Chapman has noticed specific patterns in the way partners communicate — and it turns out that most of the population express and interpret love in the same five ways, according to his observations. These expressions and interpretations are his famous five love languages. Since we don’t all have the same preferences as our partners when it comes to giving and receiving love, this is how relationships can start to get sticky. But by understanding our partners’ inherent love language, we can start to tear down walls in our romantic lives.

Let’s finally learn what the love languages are. Chapman, this language uses words to affirm other people. For those who prefer the words of affirmation language, hearing “I love you” and other compliments are what they value the most. Words hold real value within this language. Furthermore, negative or insulting comments cut deep — and won’t be easily forgiven. This language is all about giving the other person your undivided attention.