Looking for the one

Food, Spa, Night Life, S. X are the other side of BALI Indonesia. This blog covers some of my experiences or others in the venues or sites. Finally I got the chance to try looking for the one latest massage parlour in town.

If you have been to other delta in other cities. Delta in Bali is located in Jalan Dewi Sri, Legian. Delta here is a complete entertainment place. The hotel is not ready at this moment of writing, but karaoke and spa are fully opened. I went to the karaoke last weekend. 4 bottles of martell for 5m.

6 girls for 600k each. I requested for cheaper price. 600k and 900k was the room type and those massage services like ear etc. Just got back from Bangkok a month ago.

Damn I love Bangkok ! I can spend hours in the Malls drinking coffee. Look at the size of it. I stayed in Indra Hotel near Mall of Bangkok. 30 mins to get there by cab.

300 baht to go there at night. 100 baht on our way back. I’ve been to some whore places. Bali, Jakarta, Singapore and Sydney where I spend most of my time. BUT Tarawadee had the MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS ! They were all Thai girl. They have some price of girls.

The service however was just standard. I had to use google translate most of the time. Let’s talk about maharani spa. They have 2 branches that I know of. I’ll update the bali x map for the one in gatsu barat which I went last time. For those of you that have a “unique” car.

300m from the big main gatsu road. I can’t remember exactly what they are. I was recommended to take the 350k one. I took a young one. I was rubbed by her pussy and boobs. I would come back again for sure.