Looking for sugar momma

Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Looking for sugar momma was going to college and drinking a little more than I probably should have been. I have decided that just because I can’t eat carbs does not mean I need to sacrifice some of my favorite foods. These might just change your lifeokay maybe not but they have definitely made my Saturday mornings just a little bit more exciting.

2 tbs of cooking oil. Mix all the ingredients together. 4 cup of batter and pour onto a a hot pan will a little butter or oil. Cook them as you would normally cook pancakes. Flip them when you see a few bubbles on the top and the underside is light brown. That is a HUGE difference.

These definitely have the taste of almonds, which I love. They are not as sweet as regular pancakes but you can add blueberries or bananas into the mix to spruce them up a bit! I also recommend topping each pancake with a little butter. I noticed this helps to soften them up and make them taste even more like the real deal. Not only are these delicious but they will not make a dent on your scale! PLEASE leave a comment below if you try these.

I would love to know what you think! I will have to try it! So grateful for your “skinny” posts. My husband is Type 1 and I had gestational diabetes with my second pregnancy, so I’m always on the look out for diabetes-friendly recipes that don’t taste like. This is such a great idea – I recently discovered almond flour for my low carb lifestyle. I found a recipe online for chicken nuggets, and I’ll eventually post it on my blog – but it’s just cut up chicken breasts, dipped in beaten egg, dipped in almond flour with some spices, and then baked.