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Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure. Fear you’re too old to have a baby? Go to Pregnant over 40? Please check the URL for proper spelling and capitalization. Strangers met in a hotel room for sex. WITHIN an hour I had 12 strangers willing to make me pregnant, no questions asked. They had no interest in ever meeting the baby.

In fact they weren’t concerned about knowing my identity or even what I looked like. And, of course, the room number of the hotel. Welcome to the completely unregulated world of online sperm donation where women desperate to become pregnant are putting their lives on the line to have sex with complete strangers. And it’s a world that is alarming health professionals working in licensed fertility clinics. But no tests are needed in the seedy world of NI.

Just an Internet connection to register on the sites for free. Within minutes of posting my fictitious online advert, my inbox filled with men from Hampshire who used fake names, temporary email addresses and pay-as-you-go phones. I have donated many times and had 30 plus kids. I’m totally disease free with an outstanding sperm count and willing to commit until you conceive. Available at very short notice. Pilot’s medical to guarantee health.

It’s been a baby girl every time so far. The pilot was just one of many men online boasting of their sky-high IQs, broad shoulders, good looks and elaborate careers. One said he was a 32-year-old former scientist who went to Oxford and Harvard and is now a doctor in training. Part of one of the messages received.

One in seven people in the UK suffer from fertility problems and at licensed clinics single women, lesbian or infertile couples can seek help through a number of artificial insemination treatments where donor sperm is used. The unlicensed sites I viewed also offer artificial insemination. There are lurid web tales of strangers meeting in hotel rooms and men producing samples in used coffee cups before women use syringes bought over the net to deposit the sample. But these women should count themselves lucky because most men on the site leave vulnerable women believing their only hope of a baby lies with unprotected sex.