Looking for an honest man

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Song Discussions is protected by U. Please forward this error screen to 208. But it may be down to old-fashioned female intuition and a biological need for a potential mate than some kind of trendy streetwise instinct, they believe. If a woman tells you she can spot a gay man just by looking at him, don’t dismiss her claim out of hand. And the instinct is at its strongest when she is at her most fertile and in the mood for romance. Their findings suggest that a woman’s ability to determine whether a potential male partner is straight or gay is linked to the impulse to have children. During the three experiments, some 40 heterosexual women were shown a set of photographs of 80 men’s faces, all with the same expression.

Researchers found women were remarkably adept in being able to spot the gay and straight men. But in a similar experiment using photographs of gay and straight women, they were less able to differentiate. Babies born to ethnic minorities outnumber number of white toddlers for first time in U. This effect is not apparent when a woman is judging another female’s orientation. This suggests that  fertility influences a heterosexual woman’s attention to potential mates rather than merely increasing sensitivity to sexual orientation or nonverbal cues more generally. In a follow-up experiment, half of a group of women were asked to read a story about a love affair before looking at the men’s faces, the idea being they would be in a romantic mindset. Those women were even more accurate at identifying gay men from their pictures.