Long island singles over 40

The series later was canceled after airing only one season. It follows the long island singles over 40 as they go out on the social scene, look for their future husbands as well as their family dynamic.

It is said that when you are Jewish, live on Long Island, are 27, and are still living at home, it’s time to panic. The show follows the girls during their struggle to find mates and the pressure of being 27- 30 and not being married as all their other friends and family members have moved on they are still stuck in the same being single rut. The girls also have problems to face with each other. Amanda goes on a date with her older boyfriend Jeff, and attempts to keep her mother from inviting herself.

Later, Ashlee meets up with Joey to go shopping for her 30th birthday celebration dress. Erica invites the girls over for her pool party— where drama erupts. Chanel and Ashlee drive into the city to meet up with Casey. Joey confronts Amanda after the altercation at the pool party. Chanel’s, Casey lets her anger get the best of her. Casey and Erica try to resolve their issues but are unable to reach a resolution. Amanda doesn’t want to be involved with the drama so she flees to Jeff’s house.

The group heads to a daytime party where Joey and Ashlee disagree about each others flirting techniques. Rob rescues Erica but he’s unable to control her overbearing partying ways when drama erupts — which has the other girls shocked and worried. Chanel is shocked when her ex-boyfriend shows up. Ashlee, Joey, Chanel, and Casey have a girls weekend getaway at a Jewish singles camp located in Connecticut but an incoming storm puts a damper on their plans.

While back on Long Island, Amanda and her mother go with Erica to a club — where Erica is ready to let loose. After the confrontation with her ex, Amanda goes with Chanel out of town in order to lift her spirits. Erica continues to fall through with her plans, which leads Chanel to conclude that their friendship is falling due to Erica’s drinking. Casey is willing to help Erica but she is unwilling to take the advice. Joey and Amanda stay out of the drama by working while Ashlee indulges in a few dates.