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How long do I need to wait before running the AC again? Enter your username and password in laredo heat chat boxes provided to login, or click the ‘register’ button to create a profile for yourself.

Knowledge Sharing for the industry professional! Section to get real answers for your questions. The instructions say 24hrs, that rarely happens except on new construction. You can touch it to see if its dry. As long as the duct is insulated properly or in conditioned space where it doesn’t sweat it will dry with the ac running.

I wait 30 minutes minimum and never had a problem, at least on a new system. If I do just replace the furnace and am concerned about static I will usually tape the new joints then mastic. The plenum had been leaking from the top back of the unit and the air handler had been sweating. A hole was cut out from the front to reach the back of the plenum and apply mastic. The part of the plenum that was cut out was reapplied with tape and mastic. After 4 hours, the mastic is not dry from the outside.

I would like to turn it on because it is hot, but I am concerned that the hole in the back will reopen and that the fact that the unit had been condensing will cause it to remain wet. Do you think running just the fan will make it dry faster? I wouldn’t run the fan until you are confident it’s dry. 1 question asked by NEW MEMBERS. The place where Electrical professionals meet. All times are GMT -4. Free Cuckold Pictures – Husbands and wives into cuckolding have sent us their pics of them having sexual encounters with other men.