Katalia chat

I tried to play Netflix tonight and the video is cropping into this tiny katalia chat in the upper left while the rest of the screen is white. I have tried running WMC on multiple machines and it does it on all of them.

I realize Netflix on 7MC seems to be required to have a glitch every three months that makes it impossible to use, but this one is pretty ridiculous. There’s no way to resize the video. I tried reinstalling both Silverlight and the Netflix plugin to no effect. Ran into that last night also did it in IE10. A reboot of the PC seemed to resolve it for me.

Ran into this over the weekend as well. I believe it was related to upgrading browser to IE10. I had the same issue this weekend. A simple reboot had no effect. I am on Windows 7. I can’t figure out how to maximize the box. The only thing that temporarily worked was, I logged out of netflix, closed WMC, reopened and logged back in and the first show I watched was normal full screen.

But after going to live TV then back to netflix, the small window came back, and doing what I did the first time won’t fix it. It’s bizarre, and searching google seems to find no one else with this issue. Also, much less important, but still an issue, we temporarily canceled out netflix account last year, and reopened it last month. Any idea how to fix “recently watched” so it keeps track of what we have watched? Thanks so much for any help. I’ve been having this over the last few days too.

When it’s happening, it seems to happen on anything I watch. Relaunch of WMC didn’t help. It always used to launch in Full Screen mode, but recently started doing this. I can’t find any default settings in Media Player to make it launch natively in Full Screen mode.

Anyone else had this issue? Solutions posted so far haven’t worked for me. Are you running MCL XL by chance? I’ve been having this issue on and off as well for about 2 months. No idea what caused it, but sometimes it does it, sometimes it’s fine. Sometimes simply going back the main MCE menu and back into Netflix clears it up, other times it’ll do it on everything I try for 10 minutes, it makes no rhyme or reason. Throw in today that I started getting bounced to a Netflix webpage any time I tried to play anything tonight that said, “Netflix has experienced an error” and I ended up pulling a Roku from another room and hooking it up to the TV and didn’t have a single problem.

Why oh why won’t MS or Netflix take ownership of the plugin and at least give it an upgrade and clean up some of the bugs? This happened to me a few times recently, and rebooting had temporarily fixed the problem, but not today. Now it’s stuck even after rebooting twice. I retried and the video was small again. It’s working fine in Firefox. Has anyone found a fix yet?