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Jewish apartments, tours, history and kosher food in Prague. There are about 1500 registered Jews at Jewish community of Prague now and the estimate is about 5000 living in Jewish singles travel. There are about 20 Jewish religious families in Prague.

Prague community is the biggest in Bohemia and Moravia. The Jews in Prague try to manage their lives together and to bring back the old heritage and legacy. There are also Jewish apartments which serve kosher breakfast in the morning. The apartments are located in Jewish quarter, near by synagogue and kosher restaurants. Prague and you will find there very interesting things as old Torah scrolls, old prints, Judaica etc. You can still see, very nice parts of the ancient ghetto of Prague – for example Old-new synagogue, which is now the oldest still serving synagogue all around the World!

The beautiful building of the Jewish community town hall is worth to see. You will notice there the special clock with Hebrew letters and the clock goes against the regular direction. There is the oldest Jewish cemetery in Prague and it is believed, that it is also the oldest Jewish cemetery in whole Europe. It was used in 15th century for more than 300 years. As there were many Jews living in the Jewish quarter, there was also high demand for places at the cemetery, but the area was limited – the graves had to be made in several layers – there are areas with even 12 layers of graves! Old New synagogue, the oldest still working synagogue in Europe and probably all around the world. It was built in 13th century as “New synagogue”, but the Prague Jewish community was bigger and bigger, so there was a need of other synagogues as well.

More newer synagogues were built and that is why the “New synagogue” was not NEW anymore, but was OLD – New – from here the name “Old New synagogue” – in Jidish “Alt Neu shul”. The synagogue is famous by its stories about Golem and rabbi Jehuda Low – Maharal. Old new synagogue serves now for prayers of the Jewish community of Prague as main synagogue. Weddings, celebrations as Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Britot and other smachoth are held here. The synagogue is the symbol of Jewish town. List of Kosher restaurants and kosher hotels.

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