Ingrid bergman affair

So it’s safe to say that 29-year-old Elettra Wiedermann is used to people drawing breath in shock and recognition at the likeness ingrid bergman affair bears to the Swedish born film siren. Her grandmother won three Academy Awards, was seared into the consciousness of the world with her role opposite Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca and formed half of one of the most controversial love affairs of the 20th century with her grandfather.

Elettra’s striking looks have earned her a career as a model. Her parents were married from 1983 to 1986 after having met at a Calvin Klein photo shoot. Her grandfather was famous film maker, Roberto Rossellini. She married to long time boyfriend James Marshall in 2012. Her grandmother died back in 1982, the year before she was born, so it’s unlikely the willowy beauty remembers the star.

But her legend looms large, not only did she capture the hearts of the world as Ilsa in Casablanca but she was also a Hitchcock blonde in Notorious and Spellbound. Despite her foreign country of birth, she became the epitome of an Ideal of American beauty and was taken to the heart of the nation until her affair with Rossellini when they were both married. This led to Bergman being denounced on the floor of the United States Senate. Ed Sullivan chose not to have her on his show, despite a poll indicating that the public wanted her to appear but Steve Allen, whose show was equally popular, did have her on, later explaining ‘the danger of trying to judge artistic activity through the prism of one’s personal life. Bergman herself later remarked: ‘People saw me in Joan of Arc and declared me a saint. I’m just a woman, another human being.