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Midlife Crisis is a midlife transition that has infidelity websites to crisis levels of emotional and mental difficulties. Denial and attempts to avoid inevitable changes yield crisis. What is a Midlife Crisis?

MLC definitions used are varied. Much of the studies were surveys given wherein the data was self-reported. My answer: it doesn’t matter. I am not writing to offer or prove statistics. The articles created for this section will review Midlife Crisis in greater depth than this brief introduction.

MLC that do not fit my descriptions. I’ll review what I mean by the term. There are many who insist that a Midlife Crisis is a journey to be celebrated. Midlife Crisis is not a clinically treatable psychiatric disorder or mental illness. The crisis is not a disease but Dis-Ease. Midlife Crisis is not gender-specific. I do not know if the numbers of male versus female MLCers are equal.

My own experience is with a male MLCer and thus I have researched and understand this aspect better. What is different about a person who embraces the journey from one who denies it? Self-reflection is a component of midlife, and this may include depression even for those whose transitions do not reach crisis levels. The easier the person falls into a depression, the more likely it is not a crisis. MLCer is trying to escape. Most MLCers will move out, not all, but most. Words or promises spoken as a conscious lie may be inadvertent truths.

MLCers leave, often saying that it is only temporary, they will be back. Some mean these words and are not aware that temporary is longer than their imagination, some want to mean them, but lack trust within themselves, and others are using them as words of appeasement with no honest intentions. Almost all are unaware of their rapidly cycling emotions and that they will change their minds in an hour, day, week or month–possibly multiple times. Some leaving MLCers tell their spouse they must leave, either directly stating or implying their actions are beyond their control. Though this is merely a symptom of the Dis-Ease, it is often the most painful and public. It is not a litmus test for determining MLC.