Hypno chat

Aiden is searching online for a sex doll. Girls with Boys, Hypno chat with Girls, etc!

He browses the internet, looking through a site that offers realistic girls, and tries to decide which will meet his needs. He’s always had an odd fetish for wanting to be with a sex doll, except this time he already has a girlfriend. While online and with headphones on, he neglects to hear his girlfriend as she walks into the bedroom unannounced. She walks up behind him, and curious as to why he has his credit card out, snoops on his laptop. Disgusted, she taps on his headphones, and he is embarrassed when she sees that he is looking up sex dolls. Um, what the fuck, you pervert! Are you looking at sex dolls?

You were going to buy a sex doll? Aiden attempts to explain it away, but his girlfriend continues, “. No, no, no, Aiden, that’s disgusting. Oh yeah, I’m sure it just popped up, and so did your credit card, right? Listen, Aiden-why would you need something like that? She demands he take it off the screen, telling him that he’s not going to be buying anything like that, and then leaves the room annoyed. Aiden thinks about what she said.

Why would you need something like that? He never thought of it that way, granted what he heard was not what his girlfriend said or implied. Aiden browses the internet again, but instead of looking for a sex doll, he tries to find a serum. Excited that he’s found what he needs, he orders the serum, and awaits its arrival. A few days later, he comes home from work, and checks the new mail that’s arrived. He goes through several letters until he comes across the package.

He opens it, and is happy to see the serum that he’s purchased. Aiden quickly gets a glass of water, and adds a few drops. He walks upstairs, and is greeted by his girlfriend as he enters the bedroom. She asks him about work, and he hands her the glass of water, which she mistakes as a nice gesture.