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Not https://ok ru/chat siteleri profit providing free websites that connect family and friends during a serious health event, care and recovery. Worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the communities they visit. General: photos, videos, blogs, apps.

Photo sharing, video hosting, photo contests, journals, forums, flexible privacy protection, friend’s feed, audio comments and unlimited custom design integration. Open to people 16 and older. A spatial photography app and website which lets users capture and share interactive 3D images. Popular in United States, Canada and Europe. Fair play in music – social networking site for musicians and music lovers.

Social network with matchmaking and personality games to find new contacts. For people in and around government. For gay and bisexual men. Chat room and user profiles. Open to people 13 and older. Geo-social aggregator rooted in the concept of knowing where users’ friends are, were, and will be. Global influencers focused on worth creation.

Talent-based social networking site that allows users to promote themselves and discover new talent. Twitter-like service popular with hackers and software freedom advocates. Online collaboration for musicians, remix contests, and networking. Online product sampling and review platform. A photo and video sharing site. Social networking website for expatriates. Popular in Russia and among the Russian-speaking diaspora abroad.

Business and finance community, worldwide. Open to ages 13 and older. Popular in Europe, Turkey, the Arab world and Canada’s Qu├ębec province. Formerly known as Facebox and Redbox. Online community for patients with life-changing illnesses to find other patients like them, share their data with others, and learn more about their condition to improve their outcome. Dutch virtual community for people interested in house music and other electronic dance music.